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There are many cooking games for kids on the Internet these days but are they even near to the real thing? Does it genuinely matter if it’s still fun for your child? Kids like to emulate adults’ everyday chores such as mowing the lawn, driving a car and you have to bet [...]

You might think that four year old children don’t need to be read to any more .  You think that they are near school age and that school will continue your child’s language development.   This is not the case.  Books that you read to your child will continue to be the [...]

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It seems like a lot of classic childhood games that were played outside with little or no equipment, gadgets and the like are getting lost. Kids are not hearing about these games much of the time, much less how to play them.
Many of these are great exercise, cost nothing and best of all build awesome [...]

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Kids can be such pain when traveling. They will nag you and do all sorts of crazy stuff. The best way to keep them from getting into your nerves as you cruise around is to get something that will keep them busy. There are quite a number of games that can keep them amused and [...]

Here are some fun and free games for kids, which is just what you need on a dull rainy day or on a lazy afternoon with your young one. Set a enthusiastic play area and get started with your young ones . Be it a simple board game or some good food cooking session or [...]

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In this day and age of computer games and television, some fun kids outdoor games and activities are what we need to get our kids physically fit and active.
Kids these days are hooked on to Television and Video games. A little bit of fresh air can provide huge health benefits. Here are some fun games [...]

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Kids typing games offer parents with assistance in leading their children to the right path. These games are fun to play and at the same time, they also teach children a much-needed skill when they grow up.
Computer nowadays is a tool of necessity. It is a necessary device for everyone whether it is someone in [...]

When you are going on a car ride, you need to have several activities prepared for to your kids, like printable games. There are simple, printable games online you can use for almost any distance trip. Print out several of them and you will have a variety the kids won’t get bored with.
o Tic Tac [...]

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The perfect rainy day games for kids are those that keep them interested and keep them moving as well. According to scientific research kids from 4-8 years of age should get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day 6 days a week. And older kids need as much as an hour to an hour [...]

When is it the right time to get kids involved in teamwork and what it means to be part of a team? There are many great ways to introduce kids to team building. Use team building games and activities to get kids understanding the meaning of being on a team. There are several ways to [...]

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Learning Math involves strategic thinking. Strategic thinking is a type of problem solving, which is the most important skill for children to be developed. Every single day we have to find solutions to problems. Dealing with problem is an essential skill in our work, home and social life. This is why Math has been said [...]

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Camping is one of the oldest kinds of living and is the greatest way to work together as a family and to bond with each other. Instead of being fenced by traffic, hundreds of tourists, and tall buildings you are amongst nature itself. Numerous kids – who are not utilized to this type of vacation [...]